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3 Reasons Fall is the Best Time to get your Home Carpets Cleaned

Summer is over and Winter is coming:

Now that summer is over and fall is here, that means days are getting shorter. Shorter days means less time outside and your family is about to spend a lot more time indoors. This is normally the time to deep clean your home because your will be inside more. Late fall is optimal. Any pollutants, abrasive soil and oil needs to be removed before winter when most homes get more tightly shut up. If the climate in your area allows for keeping doors or windows open year round it doesn’t matter what time of year. Also a clean home can lead to better mental health and less stress. Providing your family with a clean, fresh home for winter can help combat the winter blues.

Fall provides the perfect weather for deep cleaning:

Deep cleaning carpet and furniture consists of injecting water into the soft surface, agitating the area, and extracting the dirty water and grime out of the soft surface and into the machine. Because of this process, there’s a drying time associated with deep cleaning. Mild fall temperatures make this time of year the perfect time to deep clean your home.

Holiday season is upon us which means guests into your home:

We’re approaching the holiday season, which means you may be hosting family and friends. Deep cleaning your carpet can make your home look and feel more welcoming to your guests. Plus, you can get ahead of your party prep check list by deep cleaning your home now.

Flooring in homes is expensive, it is important to keep them clean and make them last. It is recommended to clean your carpets once a year. Elite Steamer Carpet Cleaner is one of the best in the area for both residential and commercial carpet cleaning. Contact us today to get your carpet cleaned.

3 Reasons Fall is the Best Time to get your Home Carpets Cleaned

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