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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

There are several benefits of having your carpets cleaned and the number of times recommended will depend on traffic flow throughout areas of your home or business. Getting carpets cleaned helps extend the life of the carpet. It removes dirt, dust, odors, and helps improve the feel of your carpet. Along with these benefits it also helps prevent common allergens from building up and affecting the air quality in your home or business. So the next time you need your carpets looking and feeling like new, contact Elite Steamer Carpet Cleaner!

Elite Steamer Carpet Cleaner will remove dirt, odors, and stains that traditional cleaning methods cannot. 

Keep your business healthy and clean.

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Here are four benefits to having your commercial carpets professionally cleaned:


Extends the life of your carpet:

  • Carpet that is properly maintained lasts longer. Longer lasting carpets means less replacement by your business.​

Contributes to a healthier environment:

  • Employee and Customer health is of the highest priority within a business. Carpet can hold germs and bacteria that can lead to the spread of illnesses. This means that the success of your business can be directly related to the cleanliness of your carpets.

Complete removal of dirt and bacteria:

  • Carpet provides a lot of surface area for dirt and bacteria to reside. Normal vacuuming does not fully clean the carpets and can cause the dirt and bacteria to become airborn.​ Commercial Carpet Cleaning can provide a much deeper clean and is more sanitary than typical vacuum cleaners.

Eliminates Carpet Odors and Stains:

  • Commercial carpet cleaning utilizes a cleaning solution and steam to clean carpets. This ensures that the fibers will no longer hold odors and stains.

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