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Water Damage Remediation

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Do you need emergency water removal? Elite Steamer Carpet Cleaner can service flooded floors and carpeting. We know the importance of removing water quickly to prevent further damages. Elite Steamer Carpet Cleaner can handle all of your water damage remediation. 

The first step in water damage remediation is to remove the water and dry the affected areas. We utilize top of the line equipment to remove the water with precision and efficiency. Any delays in completing this first step can lead to increased damages which ultimately leads to increased cost in remediation and repairs.

The next step of the process is to properly sanitize all areas that were holding water. Water damage is defined within 3 main categories. White water refers to the most common water damage often caused by overflowing sinks or tubs.


Grey water damage refers to wastewater that does not contain fecal matter. Finally, black water is wastewater that contains contaminants, human waste, and other pathogens or toxins. Grey and black water leave behind toxins, chemicals, sewage, bacteria and other contaminants. Professional grade cleaning tools and supplies are necessary to remove these contaminants.


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