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How to determine if your Upholstery is dirty

On average, a person will sit roughly 10 hours a day on 7 different seats furniture, car and office partitions to top the list. Fortunately, professional upholstery cleaning from Elite Steamer eliminates dirt, dust and other pollutants that collect in the fabric and crevices of your furniture and compromise air quality. In fact, in homes that have carpet, up to 80% of the dust and dirt brought into your home could end up in your upholstered fabrics and furniture. Whether your upholstery has had spills, body oils, pets or food on it, Elite Steamer is able to clean your furniture. At the same time, food particles and oil and grease from hands are easily transferred to the fabrics on the furnishings in your home, office, or workplace. From desk chairs to couches, these furnishings take on a high level of dirt and grime.

Always know what type of fabric your furniture is. You'll find the cleaning information you need on the couch's care tag, and will interpret what you find there thusly:

  • W = Wet/water cleaning only

  • S = Dry solvent cleaning only

  • SW = Dry solvent and/or wet cleaning

  • X = Professional cleaning or vacuuming only

Elite Steamer Carpet Cleaner is one of the best in the area for both residential and commercial upholstery cleaning. Contact us today to get your upholstery cleaned.

How to determine if your Upholstery is dirty

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